Amerigems was established to offer its’ expertise, knowledge and abilities within the precious metals and related industries to our clients. Both new and old; professional or novice.

The head of our company began cutting gemstones at the age of 8 under his grandparents’ and mothers’ tutelage. All three were also bench jewelers, designers and graduate gemologists. At 10 years of age, he began collecting coins and currency. Since 1984, after an apprenticeship, he has been actively cutting diamonds. Furthermore, he has traveled extensively and been involved in buying, mining, importing, exporting, negotiating, consulting, wholesaling, etc. He cut diamonds for the largest jewelry firm in Hawaii as well as being the buyer for the largest firm in Hawaii similar to Amerigems.

The firm has been active in mining, cutting, importing, exporting, consulting, negotiating, manufacturing, buying and selling of gold, gems, diamonds, coins, currency, and jewelry both domestically and internationally.

We maintain the only in-house cutting facilities for both Diamonds and Gems locally.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our products and services. Contact us with any questions or concerns.